"I play guitar in Uneven Structure because I have banana hair."

Auré Pereira is born in 1990 in Troyes, France. He is a musician obsessed with the relationship between ambient and metal music. He has been playing guitar since 2005 or so, though he has been into music since as far as he can recall. Electronic music is his first love, but he also highly enjoys something called progressive metal.

Auré plays guitar in Uneven Structure, and when he is on his own he makes a lot of music that you can download for free. He also offers all sorts of production-related services like mixing and mastering at affordable rates. And he often pushes pixels as well in his free time, because pixels are nice.

Keeping in touch with Auré is easy. He is always hanging around on facebook, posting silly little thoughts on twitter, uploading random music on soundcloud and showing off on youtube.